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The National Transfer Collaboration To
Increase Degree Completion Among the Workforce

As much or more than any other factor, whether the 15 million students who change colleges each decade complete their new degree programs depends on how many of the credits they have previously earned will transfer with them to their new institutions.


Unfortunately, the information needed to help our nation's transfer students avoid potentially devastating credit loss, and for institutions to better meet and exceed student outcome criteria, is not readily available.


With applicant to enrollment ratios of almost 5:1 for public, 4-year colleges and 8:1 for private, the nation's 4,700+ degree-granting institutions, with few exceptions, have no alternative but to wait to perform costly, time-consuming, official transfer credit audits, and inform students of the results, until after the students actually enroll in classes.

The Current Transfer Process

Consider Options


College Accepts

Enroll/Pay or Borrow


Receive Official Credit Award

This national lack of transparency regarding transfer credit awards contributes to a situation in which students have no way to select an institution where they will receive the most possible credit for their prior college-level learning and have the greatest likelihood of successfully, and rapidly, preparing for their chosen careers.


Institutions are negatively impacted, as well. Not being able to factor this key predictor of degree completion into admission decisions means institutions are without a vital piece of information that would help them admit a transfer class with the most favorable future student outcomes.

The National College Transfer Center Solution

The National College Transfer Center is a unique, new approach to transparency in the transfer process that will provide both students and institutions the ability to know, prior to application and enrollment, if and how the credits students have earned, and for which they may be eligible through non-institutional credit programs, are likely to meet the policies and match the degree requirements of potential, destination institutions.


The Transfer Center will help transfer students select institutions that offer the highest likelihood of graduation and success relative to their transfer credit awards, and assist institutions in selecting students for admission who are most likely to have positive completion outcomes.

Consider Options


College Accepts

Students apply to institutions with the greatest likelihood of graduation.

Institutions include transfer credit as an admissions factor and improve student outcomes.

Enroll/Pay or Borrow


Receive Official Credit Award


Graduation Rates are Increased

Predictive Analysis of Likely Transfer Credit Awards

Students review transfer awards/other college performance data. Set appointments to discuss awards with the colleges of their choice.

Unique Features, Benefits, & Innovations

>>  All Transfer Pathways. All Transfer Students. All Institutions.

The Transfer Center is institution- and transfer pathway-independent, with the goal and the ability to enable all students transferring from and to all institutions, including public and private, 2-year and 4-year and in- and out-of-state, to benefit from its predictive audits and other transfer-supportive tools.


>>  Free to Public Institutions and Government -

An Outcomes-Enhancing, Cost-Reducing Platform for Private Institutions

Public institutions will be able to utilize the Transfer Center's information and tools without cost through the financial support of local business and industry and the engagement of local government, religious and other leaders of cities and communities everywhere.


States and the federal government would also have the cost-free opportunity to provide predictive audits to visitors to their education-related websites, including the College Scorecard, the VA and individual military services, the DoL and the dozens of state websites.


Private institutions will find the Transfer Center an essential tool, as well, improving student outcomes through transfer award awareness, increasing efficiency and reducing recruiting and admissions costs through its integrated, transfer-related and audit tools.


>>  Includes All Forms of Potential Transfer Credit

Institutions differ on the forms of non-traditional credit they will accept, and the policies they impose on them. The Transfer Center's predictive degree audits will include all possible college credit - prior courses, military service, exams, prior learning assessment and ACE CREDIT - and provide the most comprehensive comparisons possible.


>>  Course Articulation is Not Required to Enable the Transfer Center to Generate Its Predictive Audits

The Transfer Center's unique technology eliminates one of the major obstacles to transparency: the current need for institutions to articulate their courses with those of incoming students in order to inform students of their transfer credit awards.


>>  Connecting Students with Institutions to Jointly Review Likely Credit Awards

The Transfer Center platform will enable students to electronically set appointments at their convenience with admissions counselors at the institutions of their choice, putting students in control of their decision processes and making transfer student admissions more efficient for institutions. With students' authorization, institutions will be able to review and discuss the Transfer Center's predictive transfer credit audits.


>>  Ability to Compete in the Marketplace

Private sector involvement will enable the National College Transfer Center to conduct aggressive, brand-building public relations and marketing campaigns to make the Transfer Center the online destination of choice for transfer students and, eventually, ensure that obtaining a predictive transfer credit audit becomes a standard, if not required, step in the transfer process.


>>  Growth and Sustainability

In addition to requiring a minimum of effort on the part of institutions, the cutting-edge National College Transfer Center hybrid model will allow it to rapidly scale nationally and permanently sustain itself without the need for on-going state, federal or grant funding. In fact, the Transfer Center will reduce government budget requirements through its efficiency and its substantial ability to reduce credit loss and expenditures for GI Bill, active duty military Tuition Assistance and other higher education financial aid programs provided by the federal and state governments.

Every organization has a place in the Transfer ecosystem

and a role it can play to help increase degree completion

About the National College Transfer Center

The National College Transfer Center is an independent, nonprofit organization formed by LearningLifetime PBC, and to be governed by the higher education transfer ecosystem itself, as a vehicle through which to engage the higher education community, industry, government and local communities everywhere in a common, coordinated effort to increase credit award transparency in the transfer process so that:

>>  students will have the best opportunity to earn their postsecondary credentials and succeed in their chosen careers;

>>  institutions will improve student outcomes;

>>  communities will benefit from a more highly educated workforce;

>>  student debt and default will be decreased;

>>  government spending can be reduced; and

>>  our nation can better compete in the 21st Century global economy.

About LearningLifetime PBC

LearningLifetime PBC was formed as a Public Benefit Corporation by its shareholders to add the obligation to benefit the public good as a founding tenant of the Company.


We believe that the goal of creating the greatest possible public benefit should be inseparable from the Company's success as a for-profit corporation and the organizing principle that lends guidance and direction to the manner in which our unique technology is utilized.

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The academic rationale for the National College Transfer Center. Written by Michael Falk, Founder and CEO of LearningLifetime, PBC and creator of the National College Transfer Center concept, it is an analysis of the recent, insightful, increasingly granular research regarding not-first-time students, coupled with a broader look at the information options transferring and returning adult students have to help make intelligent college choices.

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