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If you're thinking of transferring or returning to complete your degree, how much transfer credit you'll receive for your previous college courses, military service and other college-level training and knowledge is an important factor to consider in choosing a program.
Course requirements for degrees differ from college to college and each college sets as many as 2 dozen additional policies for the transfer credit it will or won't accept.
With so many degree options to choose from, DegreePool can help guide you toward the institutions whose transfer policies and specific degree requirements are the best fit for your specific learning background and put you closest to earning your degree.
DegreePool hopes that these unofficial, but very sophisticated, estimates, will enable you to earn the maximum credit award possible from an institution that also meets the many other important factors you want to consider as you select your new degree program.
Who is Eligible for a Transfer Evaluation?
If you have earned college credits, served in the military, taken college-level workplace, union or private-school training courses or accumulated college-level knowledge in some other way, you should obtain a DegreePool transfer award evaluation if you are hoping to apply that credit to your future degree.
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